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Lord of Olympus – Zeus review: DotA 2 Skill and Item Build

Lord of Olympus is better known as Zeus in DotA-allstars. This hero has the power of lightning strikes. He is a intelligence type hero which has a high percentage of Mana but has a low percentage of life and armor. He is good skill type hero that can able to massively damage the enemy. Zeus has a good creep killing ability if the user knows how to use its chain lightning skill. In addition, Lord of Olympus is also a good instant killer with his last skill. His last skill can strike all enemy in different location in map.
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If you’re looking for Lord of Olympus – Zeus skills build in game you may follow the skill build below:
  • Level 1 - Arc Lightning
  • Level 2 - Static Field
  • Level 3 - Lightning Bolt
  • Level 4 - Lightning Bolt
  • Level 5 - Lightning Bolt
  • Level 6 - Thundergod's Wrath
  • Level 7 - Lightning Bolt
  • Level 8 - Static Field
  • Level 9 - Static Field
  • Level 10 - Static Field
  • Level 11 - Thundergod's Wrath
  • Level 12 - Arc Lightning
  • Level 13 - Arc Lightning
  • Level 14 - Arc Lightning
  • Level 15 - Attribute Bonus
  • Level 16 - Thundergod's Wrath
  • Level 17 - Attribute Bonus
  • Level 18 - Attribute Bonus
  • Level 19 - Attribute Bonus
  • Level 20 - Attribute Bonus
  • Level 21 - Attribute Bonus
  • Level 22 - Attribute Bonus
  • Level 23 - Attribute Bonus
  • Level 24 - Attribute Bonus
  • Level 25 - Attribute Bonus
If you want to own the game using Drow Ranger try to manage farming first to build the right item. With Traxex greater damage among other hero during early game there’s a big chance for you to easily manage creeping and gain gold.
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For Lord of Olympus – Zeus items build you may also follow the information below:

Here checkout the early game items build for Lord of Olympus:
  • Healing Salve -  This item provide a faster regenerate of Health for every hero that's why it is really needed during early game but you may also use  Ancient Tango of Essifation which is only cost 90 gold.
  • Ancient Tango of Essifation – This item helps Zeus to regenerate when in mid health condition for only 90 gold plus you have three charges.
  • Ironwood Branch – This item grants each attributes for Lord of Olympus giving her more strength, intelligent and toughness plus agility.
  • Boots of Speed – This adds some movement speed to Zeus and can be upgrade to Arcane Boots.
  • Magic Stick - is also helpful to zeus for countering skill from the enemy.
  • Empty Bottle – This item keeps you to cast spell in constant giving you source of mana and health by using your courier for Empty bottle in the fountain.
For mid game items build for Lord of Olympus – Zeus  can be the following information below:
  • Arcane Boots – This boots gives her movement speed and the ability to increase mana.
  • Vanguard – This item gives her Health Points and toughness during the game. This item can be maintained until the late game.
  • Magic Wand – This helps you to regenerate your mana and health in an instant depending on its charge. This item is the upgrade of Magic stick which is very helpful for countering skills.
  • Force Staff -  With this item Lord of Olympus may be able to escape in gank by dashing away from the enemy. This item also increase the intelligence of Zeus.
  • Mekansm – This provides Zeus and his nearby allies armor and hitpoint which is very helpful if your Zeus build is a support type.
Last for the late game items build for Zeus you can follow the builds below:
  • Khadgar’s Pipe of Insight – This item helps allies of Zeus to prevent magic for damaging more in a seconds. This item is very useful when your build is a support type and if the enemy is a skill caster.
  • Guinsoo’s Scythe of Vyse – With this item zeus can turn the enemy into a Hex.
  • Dagon – This grants Zeus an ability to instant kill an enemy with a piercing damage from 800 hit points when upgrade to level five..
  • Shiva’s Guard – This item grants Lord of Olympus negative armor aura to her enemies and the ability to cast Arctic Blast.
  • Linken’s Sphere – This provides Zeus an improvement to his regeneration and stats. This item has an ability to block magic onces when ready.
  • Bloodstone – This item grants zeus more health and mana regeneration. Every charge of it gives you the ability to return in life quick.

That's all my review to this DotA 2 hero Lord of Olympus – Zeus! I hope you learn and gain to this post.
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